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The Arizona Rough Riders Four-Wheel Drive Club was formed by a group sharing a common interest; the love of four-wheeling.

As the story goes:

“Well it seems it was back in 1978 when a hardy group of Four Wheelers got together in the lunch room of Camelback Jeep at 13th St and Camelback in Phoenix.

(This group included Al Baker, Gary Cox, Mike Brogdon, Dale Porter, Joe Hernandez, Tommy Bestias, Lindy Dilmoore, Frank Mulnix, John Dyck, John Seldon, Joe Bowman and George Rouse.)

Carl and Connie Stiffler stopped in to buy their first Jeep at Camelback Jeep after visiting Colorado and there was a sign on the bulletin board stating there was an organizational meeting that night for a 4-wheel drive club.  They brought along Phil and Betty Garrigan and soon along came John and Dee Kelnhofer and Dennis and Betty Griggs.  In June of 1978, the Arizona Rough Riders were formed, incorporated and ready to go!  Dale Porter took care of the incorporation and Mike Brogdon agreed to be the first president.

The first Bumpy Road News was printed in July of 1978 and the editors were Lindy and Shelly Dillmore.  The club graduated from the lunchroom on 13th Street to George’s Ole which was then located on Dreamy Draw and meetings were held there for awhile.  In 1981 or so there were meeting at El Maya’s, a Mexican restaurant at Glendale and the freeway.  It burned down sometime in the 80’s.

The first club runs were made to Sycamore Creek, the Coke Ovens and Tip Top Mine in the Bradshaws.

A lot of friends have passed through the club’s “doors” and touched our lives – Bill and Marilynn Berggren, Ray and Darlene Saucedo, Tom  and Beth Jones, George Stevens, Mike Bregar, Mike and Karen Madsen, Dave and Pat Robbins, Ron Krayer, Ron and Cheri Merkley and many, many more.  We’ve enjoyed them all and learned from each one.  Many of us remain life long friends and “family”.

The Arizona Rough Riders are still active and we appreciate the fact that these good friends had the foresight to get it started – now its up to us to keep it going!”

Today, the Arizona Rough Riders membership consists of single and family memberships consisting of a wide cross-section of ages and 4-wheeling interests.


As a member of The Arizona State Association of Four Wheel Drive Clubs, our objectives are to:
* Promote prudent use of public lands throughout the country.
* Promote the sport of four-wheel drive in all its phases.
* Provide social, educational and recreational activities for its membership.
* Promote responsible use of 4 wheel drive vehicles.
* Respect the environment by opposing: the crossing of open country in any vehicle, cutting fences, defacing terrain, vandalism and littering.
* Support all principles of “Tread Lightly”
* Participate in and support civic activities for the betterment of the community.


With the exception of December, we have a general meeting and at least one club organized run every month.

  • See the Run and Meeting Info page for information regarding the monthly meetings and run requirements.
  • See the Event Calendar for meetings, runs and other scheduled events.




  • All applicants must
    • have access to a four-wheel drive vehicle
    • be at least 18 years of age
    • carry and maintain liability insurance equal to the minimum required by law.
    • conduct themselves in a respectable and orderly fashion whether in or out of the Club activities
  • A prospective member, after initial introduction to the general membership is required to attend a minimum of four (4) regular meetings and four (4) designated Club runs within one year, with exception of Board approval.
  • Following the fulfillment of qualification, the sponsor will be invited to present the prospective member to the Board at their monthly meeting.
  • An applicant will be accepted for membership by secret ballot. Seventy-five percent (75%) “Yes” votes by voting members present constitutes acceptance of applicants.


  • An initiation fee of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) shall be assessed against each new membership, following the affirmative vote by the general membership.
  • New membership dues shall be prorated quarterly for the balance of the year.


  • Dues for the organization shall be thirty dollars ($30.00) per year, due October 1 of each year, payable by October 31. Dues include Arizona State Association of Four-Wheel Drive Club dues.
  • Late dues paid in the month of November will be assessed a late charge of ten dollars ($10.00) for a total of forty dollars ($40.00)
    Any member or inactive member not having the dues paid by November 30 will have their membership terminated.
  • The membership qualification year shall be from October 1 through September 30. A member is required to attend a minimum of one (1) Club run and one (1) Club meeting each Quarter. Exception by Board approval only.

Click HERE to submit an application to the club membership.