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To give you a sense of what a Spook Rally is and how much fun the event is, please keep reading:


“What’s A Spook Rally?” you ask.

The annual Arizona Rough Rider's Spook Rally is the clubs only fundraiser and is a weekend of 4-wheelin’ fun in the desert, which includes a nighttime 4-wheel drive event during which participants and spectators attempt to duplicate a specific course by following cryptic clue sheets.  Each clue sheet brings you (hopefully) to a checkpoint, where (if you survive), you will receive another clue sheet to get you to the next checkpoint.  How many checkpoints are there?  Well that would ruin some of the surprise now, wouldn’t it?  The Spook Rally is NOT a speed event, nor is it a night run through the desert following ribbons.  The object (beyond merely surviving it) is to match the official odometer (NO GPS) mileage clocked by our official mileage clocker.  (You’ll notice it doesn’t say “accurate”, just “official”.)

Friday night:

When the sun goes down the witches, goblins, and ghoulies come out! It’s a costume party around the campfire for kids and adults. Dress up in your best Halloween duds and enjoy socializing with your fellow victims. Don’t forget to dress up your vehicle. Awards for the best dressed vehicle will be handed out on Sunday morning. There’s DJ music, and dancing if you’re so inclined, and trick-or-treating for the young ones, so bring some goodies (enough for the big young ones, too). There are prizes awarded to the best adult and best kid’s costumes!

Saturday morning:

4-wheel drive games to test your driving skills and sense of humor. There are also games for the kids. Hot dogs and soft drinks are always available during the games.

Saturday evening:

Driver’s meeting to update everyone on any last-minute changes, then at sunset, the first vehicle moves out into the darkening desert. Only registered vehicles are allowed at checkpoints. For everyone’s safety, ATVs, Golf Carts, Rhinos (side by sides), etc., are not be permitted in the Rally, or in the event areas.

Sunday morning:

Most everyone is back in camp, and the Arizona Rough Riders put on their legendary morning-after breakfast of coffee, juice, eggs, bacon, sausage, and light and fluffy pancakes! Shoot, some people come from out of state just to have breakfast!!! Breakfast is complimentary for all participants. (Participant is defined as each individual that has submitted a waiver) Immediately following breakfast cleanup, trophies are presented, and then we raffle off more prizes than most people can fit in their vehicles!

Where is all this fun?

We need the great southwestern desert for this much fun! We’ll run the rally out by Lake Pleasant just off the Carefree Highway, about half way to Wickenburg. An accurate map will be included in your registration packet when registration time is here. A large camping area surrounds our base camp. There’s plenty of room for tents, campers, and motor homes. Remember we Tread Lightly. All campers are required to take their trash with them when they leave (and this includes you!)  There is no trash removal service in the great southwestern desert.

Entry fee:

You’re probably wondering what a splendid weekend of fun in the sun (and under the moon) like this will cost you.  Just $100.00, (if you are not affiliated with a registered Club in the ASA4WDC, an additional $10.00 is required for temporary membership to ASA4WDC) that includes, a complimentary breakfast on Sunday morning for those brave enough to eat the Rough Rider’s cooking, 2 raffle tickets, a dash plaque, dancing, trick-or-treating, entry into the games, and help carrying your raffle loot to your vehicle! AND – again this year you will also receive one raffle ticket that is good for a registered participant-only winch drawing.  This means you have a 1 in 100 chance of winning that winch.  And, if you are lucky, by purchasing additional general raffle tickets, you could win another lots of other great prizes.


The BLM requires us to limit the number of vehicles that can go on the Spook Rally to 100 and we will use a lottery system to select the participants and their vehicle position.  The registration packet will explain when they must be submitted as well as when and where the lottery drawing will be held for starting positions.  Remember to include all the required paperwork (proof of insurance, driver’s license and waivers).  We will allow small groups (2 or 3 vehicles) to submit their registrations together, please send them all in the same envelope with the proper postage.  There is an additional $10.00 fee per vehicle.  If you forget to include the additional fee when submitting your registrations, all vehicles will be entered into the lottery separately.  The order in which the entries are drawn will be the order in which the vehicles start the event.

There will not be any trading of registrations so please do not ask.
   Please refer to the registration packet for full details.

Mandatory Equipment:

Each vehicle MUST pass a safety inspection prior to starting the event.  Each vehicle must be insured.  Proof of insurance must be submitted with your registration form and will be verified at Registration and Vehicle Inspection.  Mandatory equipment includes:  A 4-wheel drive vehicle with a roll bar, roll cage, or permanent hard top; a working CB or FRS/GMRS FM radio; seatbelts for each vehicle occupant; headlights; and a working odometer (GPS will not be accepted for mileage).  Highly recommended equipment includes a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, spill kit, flashlight, a pen or pencil, and a sense of humor.

For your safety, Vehicle Inspections will occur as you approach the START point.  You will be required to demonstrate you have a working CB or FRS/GMRS FM radio.  We will also confirm that there are enough seat belts for the occupants of the vehicle.  If your vehicle does meet the safety requirements outlined above, you will not be permitted to participate in the rally.  If you do not have a working odometer, you will be allowed to participate, but you will not be eligible to win a coveted First, Second, or Third place or D.A.L. trophy.